A very high strength cement especially for Dacron fabric. FAA approved to attach fabric to the airframe regardless of the aircraft red line. (VnE). No machine sewn or hand sewn seams are required when using Poly-Tak. Provides twice the strength of conventional nitrocellulose fabric cement in shear test. Also excellent for cementing cotton, linen and Fiberglass fabric. Will adhere to most surfaces such as aluminum, steel, Fiberglass laminates, magnesium, glass and wool. Use MEK when necessary to reduce viscosity due to evaporation from an open container. Refer to Stits Poly-Fiber procedure manual #1 for approved cement seam procedure. Packaged in pint, quart, and gallon containers. Gallons require hazardous material fees. Pints, quarts and gallons must be sent UPS ground. Shelf life is 2 years unopened.