4130 Steel Tubing

All steel tube is cut to your requested length, to the nearest foot above. You are charged for the length delivered. Please note that for shipments outside the USA lengths over 8 feet must be shipped Air Freight. UPS will not accept lengths longer than 8 feet.

Tubes may be shipped in lengths at, your request, up to a maximum of 24feet long. However, shipping lengths over 8 feet in length must be shipped truck freight.  Example: 20 feet of 5/8 x .035 4130 steel tube may be shipped as 4 pieces of 5 foot length; two pieces of 10 foot length, etc.

Aluminum Tubing

Aluminum tubing is available in lengths up to a maximum length of 12 feet only.  Example: 12 feet of 5/8 x .035 6061 tube may be shipped as 4 pieces of 3 foot length; two pieces of 6 foot length, etc.  3003-0 aluminium tubing is received in rolls of 50 feet and may be cut to your requirements up to 50 feet long per piece.