1 x 19 Non Flexible Cable
One strand of 19 wires. It has more metallic area than 7 x 7 or 7 x 19 cable which makes it the strongest but also the least flexible. Generally used for bracing purposes. Can be used for controls. VERY STIFF.
7 x 7 Flexible Control Cable
Seven strands of seven wires each. Used for control purposes where extreme flexibility is not required but where abrasion is a factor.
7 x 19 Extra Flexible Control Cable
Seven strands of 19 wires each. Its greater metallic area makes it stronger than 7 x 7 cable. Because of its fine wires, the best service is obtained with 7 x 19 wire where abrasion is not too severe. These same fine wires, however, make it the most flexible to meet severe bending.