The Wicks Aircraft Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit includes a great selection of items to get you started in the high-tech world of composites and vacuum bagging. This kit includes everything you will need except for epoxy and a vacuum pump. Any epoxy that is intended for use with fiberglass or carbon fiber will work well. See the included instructions for other recommendations. This kit allows you to practice making parts with less expensive fiberglass, which is sufficient for most projects. However, this kit can be used with carbon fiber too if purchased separately. This kit includes: 3 Yd. Stretchlon 200 Bagging Film, SL200 2 Yd. Nylon Release Peel Ply, BLB-1 2 Yd. Breather Bleeder, N4 2 Yd. RA5177 Fiberglass Cloth, 7.02 Oz. Unidirectional, RA5177 2 Yd. RA5277 Fiberglass Cloth, 8.8 Oz. Bidirectional, RA5277 10 Ft: 3/8” Nylon Tubing, NNR6 2: Bagging Sealant Tape, AT200Y 25: 8 Oz. Mixing Cups, 8SN1 25: Mixing Sticks 2: Spreaders, 809 2: 1” Wide, Disposable Chip Brush, 150-WPS-1 2: 2” Wide, Disposable Chip Brush, 150-WPS-2 2: Vacuum Bagging Valve, 401C 1: Pressure Gauge 1: Brass Barb Fitting 1: Brass 1/4” to 1/4” Female Fitting 1: #10 Partall Wax for mold release 1: #2 Partall PVA for mold release.