Unidirectional S2 glass reinforcement tape, HMF Ö SU300. A Unidirectional reinforcement tape consisting of parallel reinforcement filaments of S2 glass bound by a fused, binder fill yarn. The reinforcing filaments are minimally crimped by the lightweight fill yarn and thereby open to the impregnating resin saturation, resulting in rapid wet-out free of voids. The interwoven binder threads, approximately 3% of the fabric weight, make HMF Ö SU300 easy to handle when cut and non-fraying whatever angle is cut. Yarn Properties: Flexural strength MPa: 1420; Flexural Modulus GPa: 95.2, Interlaminar shear strength MPa: 86.2. Weight – 8.9 oz sq/yd., 12″ wide – 375 ft per roll, sold per ft.