This Parker beading tool allows aircraft builders and restorers to create a bead or bulge on the outside of aluminum, copper, brass and mild steel tubes ranging from L” to 1″ diameter. The beading tool is inserted into the tube and then dialed for expansion, pressing against the inside of the tube which results in a mar-free bead or ridge on the outside of the tube. Hoses can then be slid over the bead and clamped in place assuring absolute security against backing off the end of the tube. This works well in securing plastic fuel lines in all aircraft. The tools meet military standards. The Parker Beading Tool has been the number one choice of mechanics for making clamping beads in metal tubes. And to this day, no other tool even comes close to matching its quality. Parker has e tooled up to recreate this classic tool in every detail with a few enhancements, such as ground, hardened, and polished surfaces for mar-free beads in aluminum, copper, brass, and mild steel tubes ranging from 1/4″ to 1″ diameter. Meets MILSPEC MS33660D and SAE AS5131 standards.