The Titanium Locking Pocket Multi-Tool is packed with an assortment of easy-access tools. Easy accessibility is essential…that’s why this was designed to quickly deploy, and safely lock.

In addition, it has a set of tools that work as well as their full-size counterparts. No secret compartments, no unnecessary unfolding, just safe, strong and reliable tools which are there when you need them.

It’s packed with an assortment of easy-access tools, including spring-loaded pliers, wire cutter, saw blade, Philips head #2 and flathead drivers, awl and bottle opener, and pocket knife.

  • 4.13″ (L) X 1.42″ (W) X 0.79″ (H)
  • 103/160mm (H) X 36mm (W) X 20mm (D)
  • 0.37 lbs. / 168 grams