80S-D2 is designed to give high strength weld son high sulfur bearing (free-machining) steels or medium carbon steels. This wire contains additional amounts of manganese and silicon which, when alloyed with 0.50% molybdenum, produces weld deposits which have high ductility, excellent impact values and tensile strengths of approximately 100,000 psi. 80S-D2 is commonly used on low carbon and low alloy steels such as AISI 4130 where tensile strengths provided by plain carbon steel wires are inadequate. A well balanced silicon content gives this wire superior arc stability, a low spatter level and a flat bead with excellent appearance. 80S-D2 produces X-ray quality, porosity free welds even over dirt, rust or mill scale. Applications Farm implements, automotive parts, pipes, light-gauge steels, low alloy steels such as AISI 4130 and high yield steels such as T-1. 36″ Cut lengths are packaged in 1lb. tubes. Sold by the pound.