ER70S-2 is multiple de-oxidized Plain Carbon Steel that has additions of Zirconium, Titanium, and Aluminum in addition to the high levels of Manganese and Silicon common to plain Carbon Steels of this group. The ability of this wire to perform well over oily, dirty, or rusty surfaces is one of its key features. ER70S-2 has a quick freezing weld pool with a somewhat tight molten range, which makes it an ideal choice for welding tubing, piping, and out-of-position applications. The deposits have high ductility, excellent impact values and tensile strength. ER70S-2 is often used on AISI 4130 tubing where lower tensile strengths are acceptable or where reinforcing gussets are used in the design. Tensile strength: 83,000 psi (specs call for 70,0000 minimum). Elongation is 25%. This wire is often used with TIG and Plasma for critical applications. 36″ Cut lengths are packaged in 1lb. tubes. Sold by the pound.