AeroLEDs SunSpot Par 64 landing lights consume less power, output more lumens (total light output), and are not affected by vibrations compared to incandescent bulbs.  These attributes make the SunSpot ideal for experimental, certified, commercial and Military aircraft.   The SunSpot series outputs a wider beam that illuminates the color of an object due to the blue-green color temperature as opposed to “grayed” out images from the orange-red color temperature of an incandescent lamp.   AeroLEDs (PAR 64) drop-in replacement options are PMA and STC certified. Learn more about AeroLED’s adherence to FAA Standards here.

LX series

The SunSpot 64 LX Series performs as a standard light with the constant “on” mode. The SunSpot series lights are mounted in the wingtips, leading-edge, cowling, or on the landing gear. If you have a PAR 64 ring mount, the SunSpot 64 series will fit on your aircraft!