Sun Magic is a unique new water-based cleaner that can safely be used to clean many surfaces. Because there are no harsh chemicals,ammonias or abrasives. Sun Magic leaves surfaces clean and film free. After your first use,you’ll see that Sun Magic brings out the natural shine in stainless steel,chrome,porcelain,bathroom tiles,and glass. Use Sun Magic for house,office or industry is such forms as spray bottles, carpet machines or heavy degreasing equipment. Each pint equals 1-9 gallons. ITS WATER SOLUBLE-so use Sun Magic on-Indusrty:Stainless Steel* Hand Protection*Floors*Overspray Concrete Tile*Degreasing Equipment*Plus much more. At Home: Ovens*Bathrooms*Linoleum*Tiles Walls*Carpets*Woodwork*Formica*Windows*Mirrors*Concrete*Fire places*Auto*Trucks*RVs*Planes*Vinyl* Leather*Plastics*Chrome*Upholstery*Tar*Engine*Rust*Oxidation *White Walls*Fiberglass