If you are purchasing this battery for a snowmobile, please be aware that results will vary depending on make, model, year and maintenance level of your sled. All batteries lose cranking amps in cold weather and some sleds will have no issues starting at -25F and some might have problems at -5F, depending on how many cranking amps is required to turn your engine. What is unique about a lithium battery is you can easily warm up the internal components by putting a current through the battery, such as when you attempt to start your sled. We recommend no more than 10 seconds attempt to start your sled, wait one minute, then try and start your sled again. Each time you do this, a current will run through the battery and warm it up until you reach the required amounts of cranking amps needed to start your sled.

The ETX36C, ETX36D, is the only batteries we recommend for a snowmobile. We have the only lithium battery that is rated for extreme cold with 405 cold cranking amps. It also takes 10 pounds off your sled instantly so lifting the front end is easier and your speed can be faster since they are 80% lighter than your lead acid battery. And when your season is done, your battery can sit the entire off season and still start your snowmobile in the fall without trickle charging!