Part number 25496 for cutting non-ferrous metals, masonite, nail embedded wood, aluminum, copper, brass, and lead up to 1/8″ thick; ferrous metals including steel and iron 3/16″ and over. Medium 14 teeth per inch. Part number 20111 for fast cutting in all types of hard and soft wood, and lexan/Plexiglas. Coarse 6 Teeth per inch. Universal 1/2″ Shank. Part number 2099315 bi-metal reciprocating saw blade. High speed steel teeth for increased durability. Cobalt reinforced body for greater strength and accurate cutting. Last up to 5 times longer than carbon blades, for metal 1/4″ to 3/8″. 14 TPI. 1/2″ universal shank. All blades made by ACE.