An all LED navigation/position/strobe designed for the wingtips of an aircraft and exceeds 400 effective candela for the anti-collision light. The Pulsar is the same size as the traditional forward and rear facing position light with anti-collision. The Pulsar does not require an external power supply and will retrofit the mounting footprint of traditional legacy lighting. Voltage Range: 9-36 VDC Length: 5.6” Current Draw at 12VDC: 1.7 Amp Avg / 4.5 Amps Peak Width: 1.8” Power Consumption: 20 Watts Avg Depth: 1.5” Strobe Power Supply: Built In Weight: 4 Oz Strobe Synchronization: Built In Heat Sink Material: Clear Anodized Aluminum Thermal Protection: Built In Lens Material: Polycarbonate Nav/Position Light: Exceeds 100 candela Screw Mount: 3x 6-32 Machine Screws Strobe: Exceeds 400 effective candela Rated Life: 50,000 Hours LED Count: 22 Temperature Range: -55C to +70C