MATCO Mfg is excited to announce the newest model of the Park Brake Valve. Different from a simple shut off valve, this style valve always ensures pressure can get to the brake. With the valve in the free flow position, unrestricted flow occurs between the pressure source and the brake. With the valve in the closed position, fluid can flow only toward the brake and pressure is trapped beyond the valve allowing the brake to stay locked on the brake disc. The PVPV-D unit incorporates many innovative enhancements including: – Linear flow through body provides compact installation and easier bleeding than valves with a 90 degree flow turn in the valve. – Innovative body design allows installation of any combination and orientation of straight, 45, or 90 degree fittings. As a result, the hydraulic routing approach to the valve is infinitely flexible. – Since the body is symmetrical, the lever can be positioned on the left or right side by simply flipping the valve. No need to disassemble the valve to relocate lever. – Lever handle can be repositioned in 90 degree increments to change valve operating zones. – New internal design improves robustness and ease of installation.