Black Bear Par-Al-Ketone is best known as one of the most rugged corrosion preventatives available, performing sucessfully for over 40 years protecting aircraft components and machine parts in outdoor storage and for export. This material is a blend of controlled oxidized petroleum fractions in a solvent solution. The protective film is stable from -20 deg.F to 180 deg.F. When applied the protective coating tends to displace moisture. When dry, the protective film retains substantial flexibility with a tendency to self-heat when ruptured. It may be safely applied over painted surfaces by using thinners such as mineral spirits or stoddard solvents. This material may be applied by brushing, spraying or dipping, with a drying time of 2 to 5 hours. Clean surfaces provide best results. Should thickening occur due to cold temperature (below 40 deg.F) warming will restore consistancy. Thickening caused by extended exposure in open containers can be corrected by using accepted thinners. Meets MIL-C-16173E Estimated coverages 400 to 600 sq/ft per gallon. Material sold in 1 quart quanties.