The 335 & 285 systems are especially suited for homebuilders because of their shelf lives, excellent workability, adjustable cure rates and excellent static and dynamic strength characteristics. Both systems are available with fast or slow hardeners which can be blended with each other in any proportion to provide the desired working life and cure cycle. Unfavorable low temperature and high humidity will not effect the quality of the product. MGS resins do not contain aromatic amines. The 285 system has higher physicals than the 335 and will achieve a higher Tg after post curing. While the 335 is more viscous than the 285, after mixing with appropriate hardeners, their viscosities are comparable. System 285: Mix ratio – Volume: 100: 50, Weight: 100:40. Pot life: H285F: Fast 40 min., H287S: Slow 4 hours. Max Tg 105C-110C. System 335: Mix ratio – Volume: 100:45, Weight: 100:38. Pot life: H335F: Fast 15 min., H340S: Slow 6 hours. Max Tg 75C-80C.
Note: Purchase 2 units of hardener for each gallon of resin. Hardeners-Hazard.


The H287S hardener is extremely hazardous, and therefore requires special packaging. There will be an extra fee of $70.00 per quart.