MATCO mfg produces an superior six inch tail wheel for use with tail dragger aircraft which require a light weight tail wheel–the T-6P. The T-6P tail wheel has a six inch pneumatic tire and an overall length of 10.00 inches. Maximum width of this tail wheel with fully splayed arms is 9.29 inches and overall height is 9.71 inches. This composite tail wheel weighs 4.75 pounds. All assembly bushings are made of oil impregnated brass so only routine lubrication is needed during the life of the tail wheel. The ball bearings in the wheel assembly are sealed and do not require lubrication either. In addition, the vertical axle has been redesigned to .625 for added strength and durability. The T-6P has a 3.5 inch aluminum wheel that uses a 6 inch pneumatic tire & tube and has an operating load of 250 pounds.