The Model 90088 Series is a self contained LED Anti-Collision beacon. It’s solid-state cituitry and LED Light source obsolete the “old style” mechanical oscillating beacons as well as the Whelen 90044 Series quartz halogen flashing beacons. Benefits include no moving parts, no EMI/RFI, no inrush current spikes and crisp on off cycles. There are several models available to provide compatibility with existing mounting patterns and profiles, thus eliminating the need to alter the aircraft. Power Consumption: 0.45 Amps @ 28 VDC, LED Color: Aviation RED, Exposed Height: 2.70″, Lens Color: clear glass, Replaces: Whelen 90044 Series, and Grimes-G99-50-(), 40-0100-(), 30-2140-(), 40-0117-(), 40-0127-(), 30-2647-(). FAA/TSAC96a Class III. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.