The Instructors Endorsement Pack contains 13 sheets of labels. Each sheet of labels contains 10 copies of a specific endorsement. Each 2″ x 4″ endorsement label is identified by title and FAR number, has the exact wording as required by the regulations, and has data-prompted blanks for the students’name,your name,CFIcert#,etc.PACK INCLUDES (Pre-solo aeronautical Knowledge 61.87(b) (Pre-solo flight Training 61.87(c) (Presolo training & 90 day renewal 61.87(n/p)(2) (Solo at another airport 61.93(b)(1) (1st Solo X-C 61.93(c)(1) (Solo X-C 61.93(c)(2) (Repeated Solo X-C<=50nm 61.93(b)(2) (Solo in Class B,C,&D 61.94(a) (Solo to/from Class B,C or D (Taking Knowledge Test 61.32(a)(1) (Proficiency Check- Additional Category or Class 61.321) (Passing Flight Test for additional Category of Class 61.309) (Taking Sport Pilot Practical Test 61.309)