Instafoam is back! Consists of equal parts of resin and catalyst. When the two components are mixed in equal volume, they expand into a rigid closed cell foam of 2.1 lb nominal density; expanding approximately 30 to 1 depending on temperature. Thorough mixing of the two components is essential. Small-batch mixes are recommended. Cured foams can be easily trimmed, cut and shaped with common woodworking tools. 3 Gallon kit contains 3 1/2’s of A & B, ½ Gallon kit contains 1 qt each of A & B, 1 Gallon kit contains 2 ½ gallons each of A & B. Not for use on aircratf. Use toluene or MEK for cleanup. Meets MIL-P-21929B Cls I. ORM-D Ship Ground Only!