EkoCrylic is a tough durable and easy to apply top coat paint designed for metal, wood, and composite surfaces.

EkoCrylic is applied with a modern style spray gun with a 1.2 to 1.4 mm nozzle.Adjust air pressure and fluid controls to achieve a very fine atomization with the largest fan possible. Follow spray gun manufactures instructions as a guide. Only open the fluid needle far enough to acheive the desired atomization and film thickness.Ensure surface is clean and dry. Wipe down with 90% or stronger isopropyl alcohol and a lint free surface prep towel just before painting to remove and final surface film or dust.

Apply 1 or 2 light fog tack coats. 2 light fog coats will give better color saturation and works better when spraying translucent or metallic colors.When tack coats have flashed off and are tacky but not dry, apply a semi-wet coat so that the surface does go to a high gloss wet look but the gloss should be about 3 seconds behind the gun. Try to sneak up on the wet look instead of applying a wet coat all at once. Try 2 or 3 light passes moving quickly with a 30% overlap vs. 1 heavy pass.