I don’t have to tell you how aggravating it can be to reach down into the cowling to get to those spark plug holes for a quick leakdown check. It’s a real pain to get the hose to reach the spark plug hole without contorting your arm into pretzels. Well, we feel your pain… You don’t have time to waste fighting your tools, so we paired up our top of the line ATS 2EM Differential Pressure Tester (with Master Orifice) along with our new Spark Plug Port Extension Tool to make your life a whole lot easier. Order this kit now and you’ll never dread doing a leakdown test again. NOTE: The ATS 2EM Differential Pressure Tester has a .040” orifice as required by Teledyne Continental SB03-3 Service Bulletin, and is the proper type of instrument to test ALL Teledyne Continental engines in accordance with the aforementioned bulletin. The ATS 2EM also complies Textron Lycoming SI-1191A Service Instruction and is appropriate for ALL Textron Lycoming engines as indicated in the Service Instruction.