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Crud Remover

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CRUD REMOVER – Without question, the strongest, most powerful cleaner you’ve ever experienced! Works where all others fail. If CRUD REMOVER can’t clean it, forget it! PPC’s best seller for over 25 years – with more testimonials and re-orders than any other product they have developed. Multi-surface usability and dilution versatility, water-based and biodegradable. Able to strip carbon from the side of a piston in 15 seconds, yet gentle enough to use on all your clothing and carpeting. This is reliable cleaning strength! Don’t give it to your spouse…you’ll NEVER see it again!

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Proven, Superior Cleaning Strength!
  • Cleans in seconds!
  • Stronger, faster, safer than solvents!
  • Powerful yet biodegradable soap formula.
  • Can be diluted, heated or applied in any manner.


Concentrated, Versatile, USDA Approved!

  • Can be used on machinery, engines, plumbing, HVAC units, fireplaces, barbeque, carpeting, shower stalls, clothing, boat bilges, whitewalls, building maintenance, etc.

 Cleans/Degreases Most Anything!

  • Removes diesel, oil, grease, soot, brake dust, blood, ink, algae, mildew, soap scum, surface rust, spray paint, bug splatter, grass stain, floor wax, etc.
  • Also loosens bolts!