FAA-PMA valve cover gaskets are manufactured by REAL Gasket Corp. These silicone rubber gaskets, which are made from aerospace mechanical grade AMS silicone, are 100% reusable, designed to withstand temperatures up to 400°F, and to last the life of the engine. Only REAL gaskets seal uneven surfaces, eliminate corrosion, reduce maintenance costs. May be reused and installed dry. Maintain screw torque year to year with indefinite shelf life. Real gaskets are twice as thick as the original gaskets and have been hot oil and dry heat tested at 400 degrees F. Consult engine manual for number required. RG632310 (4 hole) fit Continental TSIO-360, TIO-360. RG-530162 (6 hole) fit Continental C14, 175, O-200, 0-300, A65, C75, C85, C90, C125, GO-300. RG532451 (7 hole) fit Continental O-470 AEJ, IO470J, E185, 225, IO- 346. RG534857 (8 hole) fit Continental IO-470, IO-520, I520, O-470. except A & K.