The Citation 3 HVLP Paint Sprayer & Respirator has a high output three stage turbine, which provides the power you need to atomize high viscosity materials.  It comes standard with a professional series HVLP spray gun designed to give professional results.  Available with one-man or two-man respirator.
The Citation 3 combined HVLP paint sprayer and respirator system includes a paint sprayer and second separate air pump for cool fresh breathing air.  Includes three stage turbine power and spray gun of your choice.  Great for most finishes.

Cool Fresh Air to breathe, plenty of atomization for most paint spraying jobs and a professional quality gun.Features:

Standard One Person System Includes:
Citation Dual HVLP Pump
Two 40′ hoses, one sprayer & one respirator
Facemask or Hood (your choice) & belt
HVLP Paint Spray Gun with One Cup
Complete System Manual
Complete Spray Gun Manual

The Citation 3 and 4 are available with a one or two-man respirator.  Breathe cool fresh air all day.
Because the respirator is supplied by completely separate pump, you need not switch on the sprayer when it is not needed.
You choose a half or a full facemask or a painting hood available in two styles.
3 Stage Sprayer Specs:
110-120V VAC, 50/60HZ
Amps: 15
PSI: 5.5