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CCA 2475 Oil Drain

CCA 2475 Oil Drain

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CCA 2475

Rotax 90° Oil Drain Valve Assembly

Valve Material: Aluminum

Thread Size: 12mm 1.75

Valve Action: Rotax Adapter Assy

Valve Inst Length: 1.335

Lock Wire Drilled: Yes

Certification: Non Certified Aircraft

Mounting Crush Gasket: MS 35769-8 & -9

curtis valve application data

curtis valve cessna application

curtis valve piper application

curtis valve saf-air crossreference chart


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Curtis Superior Valves do not use O-rings, they use a special flat molded seal, therefore can not be overhauled. If the valve is leaking, clean the seal area and recheck for leakage. If the valve continues to leak, replace the entire valve per the aircraft maintenance schedule. Curtis valves have a life expectancy of 10 years under normal operating conditions.

Fuel and Oil Drain Specs