2 Part resorcinol adhesives such as Cascophen are accepted for use by the FAA & widely employed for structural repairs to wooden aircraft. Cascophen (also known as G1131) cures at room temperature to provide a strong, durable and waterproof joint. Resistant to most acids and organic solvents, oils and grease. The liquid resin is an alcohol-water solution of a partially condensed resorcinol-formaldehyde resin containing a suitable reinforcing cellulosic filler. The hardener is a tan powder formulated from paraformaldehyde and a suitable cellulosic filler.

Being thermoset, the bond is resistant to elevated temps. and conversely, no loss in bond strength occurs at temperatures as low as -40°F. These features make it advantageous for use as a general marine and aircraft use. It provides strong bonds between many wood and non-wood surfaces. These include treated woods, many plastics, natural and synthetic rubber, primed metal, leather, textiles, paper and fiber boards.