2 Part resorcinol adhesives such as Cascophen are accepted for use by the FAA & widely employed for structural repairs to wooden aircraft. Cascophen (also known as G1131) cures at room temperature to provide a strong, durable and waterproof joint. Resistant to most acids and organic solvents, oils and grease. Joints may be double or single spread, using a paint roller or trowel. Glue coverage 55-70 LBS per 1000 SF. Mixture ratio: 5 parts A to 1 part B by weight. Minimum use temperature 70 degrees F. Useful working life @70F – 3-1/4 Hours. Clamp time @ 70F – 8 Hours. Full cure in 6 days. Meets MIL-A-22397-1 and MIL-A- 46051. For use on wood.