BAI Alcohol Resistant Fuel line. it does not rot, or deteriorate from the inside which would cause clogging of the carburetor or fuel system. It withstands 50 pounds pressure per square inch without clamps. has a tensile strength of up to 8,000 PSI.TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Withstands continued exposure to temperatures from -65F to 220F without deterioration.

UV: We have added a UV protection to the fuel line.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Exceptional gasoline and oil resistance. Highly resistant to most other chemicals.

ELASTIC RECOVERY: High elastic “memory” together with tensile strength, permit joining to barbed fittings in low pressure applications without the need for external clamps. BAI highly recommends using clamps in ALL aircraft application.

Fuel Line SHOULD ALWAYS BE INSPECTED CAREFULLY BEFORE EACH FLIGHT and REPLACED EVERY YEAR. Fuel line can be damaged by UV rays and coastal environments.