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Big Screw EZ Tie-Down System

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Portable Aircraft Tie-Down System, the Fastest and Easiest to Install and Remove.

  • Lightweight- Entire System w/ bag weighs 10 lbs.
  • Three 18 inch Aluminum Screws w/ 1” Hex Drive
  • Three 9 foot Weatherproof Attachment Straps
  • Detachable Straps can be used on Airport Ramps
  • Locking Strap Tensioners
  • Dual S-Hook Attachment Hooks
  • Padded Compact Carrying & Storage Bag
  • The 18” Long Screw by 1 ¾” Wide Screw Thread strongly grips the ground.

    The Big-Screw EZ Tie-Down penetrates 18 inches deep where the soil is heavily compacted providing a superior grip. Each screw has 80 square inches of surface contact area equaling 240 square inches combined. Other products rely solely on smooth narrow spikes angled into the ground which can easily pull out, this results in the entire tie-down failing when just one spike becomes lose. Spikes must be angled into the ground, limiting ground contact to the top 5-7 inches of soil where it is the weakest.

    The entire design enables Ease-of-Use for even brief airport stops. The three screws can be quickly installed and removed with a 1” ratchet wrench, socket wrench or impact wrench.

    No hammering or prying out 9 to 12 spikes each time you Tie-Down. The straps are easily attached to your aircraft, tensioned and locked in place in just seconds. No knots, worn ropes or frayed webbing.


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