More Than Just Another Regulator

The LR3C Controller combines three essential devices in one physical container, making it a lightweight, space-saving, and cost-effective alternative for any aircraft electrical system, while also improving safety of flight. First, the LR3C operates as a “quiet,” linear regulator, generating no audio or radio noise (in contrast to switching-type regulators). Second, it provides a vital safeguard for your aircraft electrical system with a solid-state, “crowbar” overvoltage protection circuit. And third, the LR3C Controller functions as an important low-voltage monitoring and warning system.

Available in 14 volt and 28 volt models, the LR3C weighs approximately 9 ounces, and may be mounted on the cockpit side of the firewall.

Used on all externally regulated alternators using circuit type “B” (one field lead grounded directly). Note: low-voltage monitoring and warning system designed for use with an incandescent lamp (supplied) only.

For Experimental Aircraft ONLY

Installation Advisory:

Select a location for mounting that will protect unit from heat, vibration, and water. The pilot side of the firewall, or inside the cabin near the instrument panel, is recommended.