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BA-4108 Brackett Air Filter Element

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Aircraft Models Filter Assembly Filter Element
Aircoupe F-1, A-1, A2-2 BA-4106 BA-4108
Cessna 120, 140, 140A, 150, 150A through M, A150M, 152, A152, F150G, H, J, K, L, M, FA150K, L, F152, FA152 BA-4106 BA-4108
Champion 7ECA with Continental O-200A engine, 7ACA, 7ECA, 7FC, 65CA BA-4106 BA-4108
Grumman American AA-1, -1A, -1B, -1C, -5 BA-4210 BA-4108
Luscombe 8, 8A through 8F, T8F BA-4106 BA-4108
Mooney M-10 BA-4106 BA-4108

  • J-3, J-4, J-5
  • PA-11, PA-11S
  • PA-12, PA-12S
  • PA-16, PA-17, PA-18, PA-19
  • PA-20 (115 and 135 hp), PA-22 (all)
  • PA-38
BA-4106 BA-4108
Swift GC-1A, GC-1B BA-4106 BA-4108
Taylorcraft (all models) BA-4106 BA-4108
Varga 2150A BA-4106 BA-4108


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4 in stock


The specially treated polyurethane element in the Bracket filter assures near total protection from any foreign material entering the system. Repels water fire retardant and has good air flow for proper fuel/air ratio. Has no pleats to collect dirt. Low-cost maintenance with increased engine life. FAA approved