The Ultimate Plastic Windshield Cleaner and Polish that Cleans, Polishes, and repels dust, in one. All kleer was invented by a pilot over 25 years ago for cleaning and maintaining plastic aircraft windshields that require absolute clarity. All Kleer is different than most windshield products as it not only cleans dirt, bugs, water spots, and grease but leaves a very fine, slick finish. This finish helps to repel those same items, inhibit fogging and static, and makes it easier to see and to clean the next time. All Kleer contains no wax, ammonia, or abrasives and does not require the use of any water. A nonpressurized leak proof 8 oz. bottle is designed to be carried on board if desired. Simply apply All Kleer with a clean towel to a dry windshield and allow 30-60 seconds for a haze to form. After it has completely dried, wipe off with a clean towel and feel the All Kleer finish.