Concentrated, dilute as needed up to 32 parts water. Recommended as an alkaline metal surface cleaner to remove all oil, grease and silicone in preparation for etching. A very effective vinyl upholstery and interior cabin or car cleaner. Dilute 1 cup to 1 gallon or stronger for engine and cowl spray wash. Apply with sponge, brush or spray. Also excellent extra strength household cleaner. Use on sinks, walls, cabinets, floors, furniture, etc. Easily removes all wax, oil, grease, crayon and pencil marks, dirt and kitchen stains. Use as a clothing pre-wash for stubborn soil spots, or add a cup to the washing machine when real cleaning power is needed. X-Off 310 is not harsh to hands and has a pleasant lemon fragrance. ORM-D Ground Only. Shelf life is 4 years unopened.