PR3660/2032 PR2032 Resin & Hardener is a medium viscosity, unfilled, light amber laminating resin that is designed for structural production applications. When used with PH3660 hardener, the system gives excellent wet-out of fiberglass, carbon and aramid fibers. Special additives have been incorporated into this system to promote chemical adhesion to fabrics made with these fibers. Typical applications include aircraft and sailplane skins, auto bodies, radomes and prototype parts. Cure time: at least 24 hours, at a minimum temperature of 72° F, before moving the structure. Pot life (4 oz): 3630: 30 minutes 3660: 60-65 minutes, 3665: 120-140 minutes. Mix ratio: 100 parts PR2032 to 27 parts 3660, by weight or 3 parts PR2032 to 1 part PH3660 by volume. ORM-D label – Ship Ground.