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AeroLEDs SunSpot 36 Equinox is a true dual-function LED Landing AND
Taxi light. In landing mode, it will output a 20°X20° bright white beam angle
for high-speed take-offs and landings to greatly improve visibility both on
the ground and in the air from up to 30 miles away. While in taxi mode,
the light produces a wider 20°X45° beam spread that outputs a solid and
evenly distributed light pattern for unmatched illumination of the runway/
taxiway without impairing the vision of other pilots. All lights in the SunSpot
Equinox Series come standard with integrated Pulse or WigWag feature. The
SunSpot 36 Equinox replacement LED’s utilize the existing PAR36 mount and
electrical connections.

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SunSpot 36 Equinox – 12V SunSpot 36 Equinox – 24V
Part Number 01-1030-LT-12 01-1030-LT-24
Voltage 12 24
Power Landing 100 Watts / Taxi 75 Watts Landing 100 Watts / Taxi 100 Watts
Wigwag Yes Yes
Synchronization Yes Yes
Lumens 11,000 11,000
Candela Landing 150,000 / Taxi 50,000 Landing 150,000 / Taxi 50,000
Beam Profile Landing 20°x20° / Taxi 20°x45° Landing 20°x20° / Taxi 20°x45°
Length 4.4” 4.4″
Width 4.4” 4.4″
Depth 2.1″ 2.1″
Weight 11.5 oz 11.5 oz