In side to side test with oil coolers from other manufacturers Aero Classic aluminum plate and fin oil coolers offered better overall cooling with lighter weight. These drawn-up coolers feature improved 1 piece 3/8″ NPT oil ports and standard flange mounting. Each unit is pressure tested to 440 PSIG and given chemfilm corrosion protection per MIL-C-5541. FAA-PMA approved except #8000081 – Experiment aircraft only. 2 year warranty. 80000075 can be used with beech – 10, C23, A24R, C24R, Cessna – 150,152,A152,170,172,175,177, PIPER – PA23- 50, PA28-140, PA28-150, PA28-151, PA28-160, PA28-161, PA28-180, PA28-181, PA23-16 (SN 23-163 & UP) STINSON – 108, 108-1, 108-2, 103-3, TAYLORCRAFT – F22B, F22C, F22R. #8000075.