Finally there is a simple way to install Adel type cushioned clamps! No more fumbling with tedious ineffective techniques to install Adel type clamps. These pliers make cushion clamp installation so easy that you will no longer dread the installation process. You will easily achieve professional results clamping and securing hoses and wiring, especially multiple clamp installations. This tool securely and simply clamps the entire assembly together and leaves the hardware holes lined up. The mechanic is free to use both hands to fit the hardware. Adel type cushioned clamps are the industry standard for securing wiring and hoses, especially in aircraft engine installations. Unfortunately, they are usually difficult and time consuming to install. It is not unheard of to spend hours just installing cushioned clamps. In the interest of saving time, many technicians resort to using tie wraps when cushioned clamps would be a better choice. Tie wraps are prone to chafing and deterioration. It is now possible for anyone to quickly install safer, more professional looking, and longer lasting, cushioned clamps.