CENTER IT is a tool for drilling pipe and other round objects. CENTER IT is made specifically for use in a drill press. The V-block bolts to the drill press table and enables the drilling of round pieces parallel and centered. The grooves on the outer sides eliminate slippage while holding pipes, etc., for sawing on job sites or other applications. To use, simply place CENTER IT on the drill press table, run the bit down (with motor off) to hold the jig centered on the bit, then bolt the jig to press table. No clamping of the tube is necessary since the angled flats of the jig hold it centered. Holes will automatically be centered on the tube with no center-punching required. If tubing is too large to drill in a single operation it can simply be turned over.

Especially for the woodworking hobbyist, the metalworking enthusiast, and even the professional automotive mechanic, CENTER IT makes speedy and precise work of drilling tasks. Its “hand vise” grip ridges allow no-clamp holding of round stock for sawing and cutting.