A complete starter kit for room temperature repairs and small laminating projects up to 13 square feet. The kit includes: Venturi vacuum generator Vacuum Cups (3) 1/4″ I.D. Vacuum Tubing (10′) Vacuum Gauge (1) Junction “T” barbs (2) Release Fabric (15 sq. ft.) Breather Fabric (15 sq. ft.) Vacuum Bag Film (15 sq. ft.) Vacuum Bag Sealant (25′) Complete kit instructions 002-150 Vacuum Bagging Techniques The venturi generator develops over 20 inches Hg (mercury) of vacuum (10 psi). It is designed to run off of conventional shop air compressors delivering at least 65 psi at 3.5 SCFM. At 0 inches Hg it will evacuate 2.2 SCFM. The operating range is 40 psi – 100 psi. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.