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The FL-760A is extremely small and one of the lightest radios in the industry at just under 1 lb in weight (replaces the FL-760). It provides a frequency range of 118 to 137 MHz with a 5 watt transmitter and 11 – 33 volt power supply. The built-in 2-place VOX intercom is sensitive and perfect for small aircraft cockpits. Users can switch between frequencies with the “flip/flop” option or use scan mode to sift through 32 programmable frequencies; additionally, there is a single button relegated to the 121.50 emergency frequency only. The FL-760A now offers updates to the original: Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature and audio inputs are separate for pilot and co-pilot. Also, intercom, VOX, volume and mic gain adjustments are now conveniently programmable from the front panel. This transceiver is ideal for noisy cockpits providing very clear reception, minimal squelch, and clear output.

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  • Built-in 2-place VOX intercom
  • Easily select channels via the 32 programmable memory channel call-up, emergency button, or scan function
  • Not plug compatible with certain features (power and ground are plug compatible)
  • Separate PTT and audio inputs for pilot and co-pilot
  • Intercom, VOX, volume and mic gain adjustments are programmable from front panel
  • Less than 1 lb in weight
  • Backlit display for easy reading
  • Pilot can select the receive notification LED color via the front panel