The Invertec V205-T AC/DC is a compact, TIG power source intended for critical AC or DC TIG welding. From maintenance to production fabrication, to motorsports, aerospace, nuclear piping and shipbuilding, this feature-packed inverter is flexible enough for almost any job! Variable AC frequency allows you to focus the arc when precise control is required. The 115/230V input voltage auto-reconnect makes the V205-T AC/DC extremely useful almost anywhere in the shop or in the field. Advantage Lincoln Economically priced TIG welder in its class, with full TIG control, up to 11 variables, including full-featured pulse, down slope, upslope and balance control. AC/DC inverter for TIG with advanced inverter technology to optimize arc performance. 150 amps 115 volts, 200 amps 230 volts @ 40% duty cycle is the highest output rating in this machine class. Selectable high frequency TIG starting for easy arc ignition or Touch-Start – TIG starting capability on DC for areas where high frequency emissions are a concern. Ability to adjust AC output frequency gives the operator maximum arc control for critical welds, minimizing the heat affected zone. High quality stick welding with such popular Lincoln electrodes as Fleet weld 35, 37, 180 and Excalibur 7018. Auto-reconnects for single phase 115/230V 50/60 Hz input power makes for foolproof on-site connection. Weighs in at a mere 38 lbs. (17.3 kg) making it easy to carry around the shop or job site. Three-year warranty on parts and labor. Unit Includes: V205-T AC/DC (with 10 ft. 230V input cord and plug, Twist-Mate Torch Adapter for PTA-9 or 17 one-piece torch, Twist- Mate adapter for work cable, and fully adjustable shoulder strap) TIG-Mate 17 Starter Kit (K2266- 1) Foot Amptrol (K870) Assembly required. Welding utility cart not included, order P/N K520.