Sonex is a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane. Designed to meet the needs of the European and Domestic sport aircraft markets, it can incorporate various light weight contemporary engines of 80 to 120 hp (engine package weight of less than 200 lbs.), and is perfectly suited to the new US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations. The three recommended power plants include the 2180cc Volkswagen, 2200 Jabiru, and 3300 Jabiru. Outstanding performance is achieved through its clean aerodynamic shape and simple, light weight construction. The Sonex Plans contain many options, including a tailwheel or tricycle landing gear along with a center or dual stick. Motor Mount drawings are supplied for all three recommended power plants. Materials subject to “Designer” Changes and Adjustments. Listing given to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.