A very versatile sport biplane, the Skybolt is a competitive aerobatic mount, yet has enough speed and load carrying ability to make it a practical cross country airplane. This 26 year old tried and proven design is thought by many to be the best looking of all the homebuilt biplanes. Designed for easy construction with hand tools, it can be built by first time builders. A true 2 place design, two 225 lb. adults plus baggage can easily be handled. Take offs and landings are simple and do require the skill level required for the smaller biplanes. Control pressures are light and well harmonized. A professional stress analysis was part of the development program. Hundreds are flying in the US and around the world. Professionally drawn plans are available which include bill of materials and a complete building guide.

Note: Materials subject to “Designer” Changes and Adjustments. Listing givent to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.