For use on fabric-covered aircraft. Superflite primer/filler is a catalyzed polyester material with a pot life of approximately 1 hour. The mixture consists of 1 part SF6500 Primer Base, 1 part SF6600 Catalyst, 1/2 part SF6700 Flex Agent, and enough SF6820 Reducer to provide a viscosity of approximately 17 seconds through a number 2 viscometer cup for the initial coat. This thin material will penetrate the weave and provide excellent adhesion. Subsequent coats may be reduced less. Apply a second coat as soon as first coat is dry to touch. Cure overnight. Temperature of 60 degrees minimum must be maintained during cure time. FAA approved. Shelf life of 7 years – unopened; shelf life of 1 year – opened. Mix ratio 1 primer, 1 catalyst, 1/2 flex agent.