The Super Ace is constructed of basic materials, 4130 steel tubing for the fuselage, tail group, landing gear, fittings and wing struts. The wings are spruce spars and the wing ribs of spruce cap strips. The complete aircraft is covered with the PolyFiber covering materials. The wheels are 600×6 with hydraulic toe brakes. The control system is cable operated. The Proto type Super Ace is powered by a Continental C-85-8 engine of 85 hp. It does not have a starter or an electrical system. Power plants of up to 150 hp can be used; however, weight and balance considerations must be given to maintain the same engine and cowling lines and to keep the airplane’s proportions. Wight has been added to the engine as it does not have a starter, generator or battery, which when using a Lycoming 108 – 150 hp with starter, generator or battery would then permit the same engine mount dimensions as the prototype has. The continental engine swings a Sensenich prop, which give a cruise speed of some 90 mph. The stall characteristics are gentle and straight forward. The coil springs mounted in tubes provide a soft landing and the wide landing gear adds to the ease of ground handling and a reasonable crosswind landing.

Note: Materials subject to “Designer” Changes and Adjustments. Listing given to Wicks Aircraft upon Designers request. Prices subject to change without notice.