Plywood is an assembled product of wood and glue that is usually made of an odd number of thin piles(veneers), with the grain of each layer at an angle of 90 degrees with the adjacent ply or plies. The outside plies are termed “faces” or “face and back” and the inner plies are termed “core and cross bands”. In three-ply plywood the center ply is the core and its grain is at an angle to the face plies. In panels with five or more plies, the center ply is the core and the inner plies whose grain is at an angle to the faces and core are called cross bands. The chief advantage of plywood as compared with solid wood are its more nearly equal strength properties along the length and the width of the panel, greater resistance to checking and splitting and almost negligible changes in width and length with changes in moisture content.

1. Plywood may be cut for UPS shipment.
2. Only 2′ X 4′ or smaller may be shipped UPS. Larger sizes must be shipped motor freight.