Crankcase breather/oil separator. Environmentally friendly. Keeps your oil on board, not overboard. Applies to most engines from 65 to 350 HP. Will retain the full 8 qts in your Lycoming. Returns breather oil discharge to the pan, not your cowling. Vents sludge inducing condensation overboard when properly warmed up. Lightweight, approximately 6 ounces. Easy installation. ¾” inlet, ¾” outlet, ¼” return to crankcase. Mounts in-line, no hard mount required. Retained capacity increases engine life. Retained capacity means greater safety reserve. Reduced operating costs. Retained capacity means improved cooling. Made of high strength aluminum. TIG welded for strength and security. Do not let the compact size mislead you. The compact size is important to the fit and function of the product.