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Introducing the XTreme EMS…

What is it?
The XTreme EMS is a full-featured , full color Engine Monitoring System for just about any engine.

Using an MGL Avionics RDAC for engine sender connection in the engine compartment, all sensor data is sent through the firewall through a single serial cable, making installation clean and easy.

4 and 6 cylinder engines are fully supported, with up to 12 total channels of CHT or EGT available in any combination.

2 fuel level inputs are available and fuel flow is supported.

Battery voltage is standard and current monitoring is an available option.

An easy-to-read display with alarms on every channel make an engine instrument scan a 1-second affair!

Note: You can share the RDAC engine data between several XTreme EMS units or a mixture of XTreme EFIS units and XTreme EMS units. You can use the XTreme EMS as a 2nd engine display when using the XTreme EFIS for Primary Flight.




XTreme EMS
Basic Info

XTreme EMSThe XTreme EMS is based on a 4.3″ sunlight readable, wide viewing angle, high resolution LCD display. It integrates an SD card reader (for software updates and for engine data recorder), 5 function buttons, a rotary control.

It can be connected to standard MGL Avionics RDAC (engine monitor) boxes (required).

The XTreme EMS is designed to fit a standard 3 1/8″ round instrument hole. The body is located off-center allowing the unit to replace instruments on the right side of a standard 6-pack configuration or any other location that currently occupies two instruments.

Due to the light weight and very low mounting depth no complicated mounting brackets or trays are needed. Power use is low and operation from much less than 12V to around 28V is fully supported.

XTreme EMS Features:


  • Powerful ARM processor
  • 4.3” high resolution 480×272, sunlight readable, wide viewing angle, 600 nits TFT LCD display
  • LED backlight (brightness can be adjusted for low light flying conditions)
  • Fits standard 3 1/8” aircraft instrument panel hole
  • SD Card interface XTreme EMS backfor data recording, user splash screens, checklists, graphic information pages, firmware upgrades etc
  • 1x RS232 communication port
  • 1x MGL Avionics Airtalk communication port
  • 1x MGL Avionics RDAC communications port
  • Rotary control plus 5 independent buttons for easy menu navigation and user input
  • External alarm switch output for an external indicator lamp etc
  • Built in 50 Channel GPS receiver with over 1 million effective correlators with high immunity to jamming
  • Built in RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Wide input supply voltage range of 8 to 30V DC
  • Built in voltage reversal and over voltage protection for harsh electrical environments
  • Light weight design

Engine Monitor: (Note 1)

  • 1x Engine RPM
  • 1x Rotor RPM (Note 3)
  • 1x Manifold pressure (Note 4)
  • 1x Oil pressure input
  • 1x Oil temperature input
  • 2x Auxiliary analog channels (Pressure/Temperature/Current)
  • 12 Channel EGT/CHT display
  • 2x Fuel Flow
  • 2x Fuel Level
  • Programmable maintenance timer for scheduled routine engine maintenance
  • Engine display screens are automatically configured to optimize screen space depending on what
  • parameters are been displayed
  • Settable Hobbs meter (password protected)
  • Fuel range / endurance
  • Supply Voltage display
  • Current monitor to measure charge/discharge currents. (Note 2)
  • Engine leaning feature


  • Alarms on most displays
  • Programmable maintenance timer for scheduled routine engine maintenance
  • Programmable airframe timer for scheduled airframe maintenance.
  • Records maximum and minimum values of most displayed values
  • Built in black box recorder – records all engine data to SD card. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • User configurable start up (Splash) screen
  • Unlimited configurable checklists
  • Unlimited configurable graphic information displays
  • Dual menu system for quick item selection and user setups
  • Firmware upgrades via SD Card
  • 3 year limited warranty (MGL Avionics US)

(Note 1) All engine functions require MGL Avionics RDAC unit

(Note 2) Requires optional MGL Avionics current monitor sensor

(Note 3) Requires RDAC with Rotor RPM input

(Note 4) Requires RDAC with Manifold Pressure