MAP-4  Manifold Pressure / RPM Indicator

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The MAP-4 is a 3 1/8” sunlight readable Manifold pressure indicator which can simultaneously display RPM and temperature from a universal RPM and temperature input.

The manifold pressure display is also available in the form of a scalable analog bar graph if the RPM input is not displayed. The MAP-4 also has a Hobbs meter (can be set to the current engine time) which is password protected, an engine running timer/flight timer and a programmable maintenance timer to schedule routine engine maintenance. The MAP-4 also features a programmable low/high alarm for manifold pressure, RPM and temperature, a handy magneto check function to easy diagnose magneto problems as well as it records the maximum manifold pressure, RPM and temperature reached in permanent memory.

The MAP-4 can also be interfaced via the CAN bus to an external RDAC unit (Remote Data Acquisition Computer). This allows for easier installation as the RDAC unit is normally mounted in the engine compartment.


  • Manifold pressure, RPM and Temperature indicator
  • Manifold pressure can be displayed in millibar (mB) or in inches of Mercury (“Hg)
  • Scalable analog manifold pressure bar graph
  • Temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius or in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes a settable Hobbs meter which is password protected
  • Includes an engine running and flight timer
  • Includes a programmable maintenance timer for scheduled routine engine maintenance
  • Includes a magneto check function
  • Records maximum MAP, RPM and temperature reached in permanent memory
  • External RDAC (Remote Data Acquisition Computer) interfacing via the CAN bus
  • A programmable low/high alarm for manifold pressure, RPM and temperature